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My preoccupation with mannequins is an occupational hazard. I am a Visual Merchandiser and takes care of around 50 mannequins give or take a few since the mannequins are moved around and rotated to keep the windows and in-store display fresh.

I have worked with all kinds of mannequins, from the realistic

ones (featured on this page), to sculpted heads, abstract, torsos and forms. Needless to say, my favorite is the realistic mannequin because of the challenge it gives the VM.
Bride Mannequins copyrighted by Below is my collection of realistic mannequin pictures which shows the meticulous details done when working with realistic mannequins. These displays were done by Visual Merchandisers from all over the world.

Mannequins Buyers Guide

Mannequins in Casual Look

Sugar & Spice at The Bay

Winter in Germany

Stylin' in Maryland

Elegance in Chicago

Flower Power in Toronto

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